D-PRO Story

The Story of Japan’s D-PRO Establishment

The car coating business first came to Japan in 1970. In the beginning, only products from the USA were available.

Since then a wide variety of Japanese products entered and left the marketplace. None of these coating products lived up to the quality advertised by their makers.

Car Detailers relied on improved polishing techniques to bring out the maximum gloss in your car’s finish and put importance on mirror finishes. Coating products were just an “add-on” to the technician’s techniques.

Recently, Japanese coating detailers have joined together to produce high quality and reliable coating products under the name ”D-PRO”.

D-PRO products are made to withstand Japan's geography and climate. Japan is a country where temperatures can vary between -30 Celsius (22 Fahrenheit ) to over 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) with periods of high and low humidity.
D-PRO's products are meticulously tested in regions all over Japan to make sure they reach the high standard expected by car detailer workshops and businesses all over the country.

Currently, D-PRO offers a variety of product lines including those for coating, maintenance and much more.

In a special environment called Japan's four seasons.
All our products pass a high level of inspection and testing to make sure they are of the highest quality.

Not only have our products stood up to the wide ranging climate of Japan, they have proved themselves in other countries like Thailand where the climate is harsh on cars.

We are proud to provide D-PRO products that are sure to be proven all over the world.
To help make our product available to car lovers all over the world, D-PRO WORLD has established an office in Japan.

We welcome parties interested in introducing D-PRO products in their countries to please contact us. We are currently accepting bids for sole distribution rights in individual countries. For more information, please contact our Japan Office.

Seiji Fujihara
D-PRO Shop Alliance Headquarters