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Have responsibility and pride in the word "PRO",true coating professional group.

We accept the weight and responsibility of this word and named DPRO(Detailing Professional) .
To be a group that fulfill responsibility not ashamed of this word.

About DPRO

In a position to actually touch and process the user we developed coating agent, and aim for further technical improvement through exchange of information among franchise stores.

We are car detailing professional strategic group.

D-PRO Premium Coat Series

Glass coating for automobiles developed it focuses on a user.

From water repellent type to hydrophilic,hydriphobic type.

We line up various coatings according to the need.

Agents wanted

DPRO is looking for distributors agreeing to our policy in various countries around the world.


They sell coatings in the same way as logo marks. It is not related to DPRO group.

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